Access Systems

Passive Start and Entry (PASE)

Our Passive Start and Entry System (PASE) is especially convenient as the key works without actually having to be held in hand. The systems inside the vehicle respond when the key comes close. The vehicle automatically unlocks and the ignition systems are released so that the engine can be started.

Benefits & Features

  • Maximum convenience for the driver
  • Lower System Cost compared to the current market solutions. Continental´s solution has reduced number of antennas and eliminates the need for key slot, proximity sensors, highly integrated architecture and additional functions built right into Body Control Modules
  • Flexible antenna concept for high-end and low-end segments which meet end-user functional needs and the vehicle‘s budget
  • Sensor Less Automatic Trunk Open
  • Defense Relay Attack

Technical Information

  • Precise localization with less antennas
  • Extended LF range for comfort functions
  • Integral LF range for comfort communication

Secure Keys on Request (SeKoR)

Our innovative “Secure Keys on Request” (SeKoR) concept enables access to the vehicle through mobile phone. SeKoR further enhances personal mobility and can be integrated seamlessly into upcoming intermodal personal or public tranportation solutions. SeKoR provides car manufacturers the opportunity to offer car buyers an additional option to access the vehicle access & start it via mobile phone. Furthermore, it allows car fleet operators and users flexible key management with dynamic over-the-air key provision. OTA keys S.A. is a joint venture between Continental and D’Ieteren.

Benefits & Features

  • Highest security level
  • High availability (works even with empty mobile phone battery)
  • Full fleet management functionality at lowest costs
  • Independent from car connectivity (e.g. advantageous for underground parkings)
  • User-friendly & supporting seamless intermodality

Technical Information

  • Based on NFC (Near Field Communication) interface
  • Additionally BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy) solution available, e.g. for Apple iPhone
  • User rights on secured element in mobile phone (SIM or embedded secured element)
  • Trust center including Service Provider TSM (Trusted Service Manager), Key Management, Vehicle Data Management
  • Service Provider TSM connecting to Issuer TSMs (e.g. Mobile Network Operators)
  • Cardlet plus phone APIs for most relevant operating systems
  • According to international standards (e.g. GobalPlatform, GSM Association/ AFSCM and NFC forum)

You will find more information on our access control systems website