Gateways & Body Control Modules


Just like the central electronic control module for vehicle data network management, the Gateway transmits and evaluates data between various vehicle domain bus systems, such as engine compartment bus, interior bus, optical bus for multimedia and diagnostic bus for maintenance. Furthermore, the gateway can act as a host for additional applications and functions like vehicle energy management or vehicle power mode centrally (vehicle functional server/VFS, vehicle application server/VAS).

Benefits & Features

  • Continental vehicle Gateways are based on standardized hardware and software platforms and offer significant high volume product cost advantages to our customers
  • Our Gateways operate state-of-the-art and innovative bus technologies  (LIN, CAN, CAN FD MOST, Ethernet, BroadRreach, FlexRay …)
  • Continental has a long history & invaluable experience in the field due to our partnerships with Premium OEM’s since the very beginning of Gateway development

Central Body Control Modules

Body Control Modules (BCM) control electrical and electronic vehicle body functions based on the specific vehicle architecture and functional partitioning. Depending on the customer‘s needs, vehicle class and market demands Continental offers various central BCMs based on pre-developed platform modules for hardware, software and mechanical components. 

Benefits & Features

  • Central door locking with RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) and PASE (Passive Start and Entry)
  • Exterior & interior light control
  • Windshield wipers
  • Window lifter with anti-pinch protection
  • Network management
  • Energy management & distribution
  • Optimizing the overall system costs of electrical and electronic vehicle architecture and wiring harness
  • Fulfilling highest expectations regarding functionality, price and quality
  • Reflecting all market and customer specific requirements in technology and product strategy
  • Continental offers highest system competence and integration capabilities

Technical Information

  • Central point for the integration of body functions
  • Designed with highly standardized hardware and software platform components
  • AUTOSAR compatible software modules
  • Central control of vehicle network systems
  • Functional host for electrical energy management
  • Integration of body-, access-, gateway- as well as TPMS-functionalities possible

Basic Function Control Modules

Continental has developed an optimized low cost body electronics platform for the emerging markets. Scalable products such as this Basic Function Control Module can be adjusted to work within different vehicle segments from affordable cars up to high level cars with high functionality.

Benefits & Features

  • Central door locking with RKE (Remote Keyless Entry)
  • Turn/hazard flasher & Interior lights with dimming
  • Front wiper & Rain sensor wiping
  • Automatic front lighting & Daytime running light
  • Rear window/outside mirror defroster
  • Supports automatic engine start-stop system (ESS)
  • The BFC (Basic Function Control Module) is a very cost effective basic body control unit, especially designed for low cost environments
  • The product is addressing fragmented (small) markets and representing the generic low cost approach
  • It is a high quality component with significant cost advantages for customers
  • The BFC enables OEM’s differentiation with a very short time-to-market phase

Technical Information

  • Standardized hardware and mechanic design
  • Customer specific application via software
  • Replacement of various stand alone components like relays and timer switches with one integrated body control module
  • The scalable hardware of the Basic Function Control Module can be downsized to the Compact Function Control Module